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Architecture and community design firm, and a pioneer in the sustainable design movement.

William McDonough + Partners executes a diverse international array of projects from our studios in Charlottesville, Virginia, and San Francisco, California. Our Cradle to Cradle®-inspired buildings and communities embody enduring standards of design quality and economic, ecological, and social responsibility. We practice a positive, principled approach to design that draws inspiration from living systems and processes. At its heart, this unique approach celebrates the abundance of nature.

Current Work


ICEhouse Davos 2016

The ICEhouse™ is a temporary pavilion installed during the 2016 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to provide a place where people can meet and Innovate for the Circular Economy, inspired by the book Cradle to Cradle.

Learn more about ICEhouse on the William McDonough + Partners website. 


The Garden Factory for Hero MotoCorp

Utilizing the William McDonough Garden Factory™ Concept, Hero MotoCorp’s new factory in Neemrana, India, demonstrates how a manufacturing facility and workplace can be beneficial and healthful; as well as enhance the local economy by providing food production jobs.

Learn more about Hero’s Garden Factory on the William McDonough + Partners website.


Hero Global Center for Innovation and Technology (HGCIT)

The Hero Global Center for Innovation and Technology (opened March 2016) was designed to inspire creativity. It is a center of innovation, connecting people with nature while providing a lively, colorful atmosphere; a place where people can open their minds and reach beyond boundaries.

Learn more about HGCIT on the William McDonough + Partners website

The Valley at STP

The Valley at Schiphol Trade Park

William McDonough + Partners is master architect of the Valley at Schiphol Trade Park, the Netherlands’ national demonstration to the world of a practical and profitable transition towards a circular economy by showing and exporting Holland’s entrepreneurial leadership in sustainability, design, trade, agriculture and logistics.

Learn more about The Valley on the William McDonough + Partners website.


Park 20|20

William McDonough + Partners is the lead architect and master planner for Park 20|20, the first full service Cradle to Cradle® inspired working environment in The Netherlands. Located within a man-made cultural landscape of a Dutch polder (land reclaimed from the sea), the firm was engaged by Delta Development Group in 2007 to create a new model of sustainable development that implements the Cradle to Cradle philosophy holistically and at all scales—from the city to the molecule.

Learn more about Park 20|20 on the William McDonough + Partners website.



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