Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, published in 2002, is widely acknowledged a one of the most important environmental manifestos of our time.



One of the most influential recent books on design and environmentalism.”

—Alice Rawsthorn, The New York Times

[McDonough] point[s] to a path out of the seemingly un-winnable trench war between conservation and commerce.”

—James Surowiecki, The New Yorker

A rare example of the ‘inspirational’ book that actually is.”

—Steven Poole, The Guardian

[McDonough and Braungart’s] ideas are bold, imaginative, and deserving of serious attention.”

—Ben Ehrenreich, Mother Jones

[A] clear, accessible manifesto . . . The authors’ original conceptsare an inspiring reminder that humans are capable of muchmore elegant environmental solutions than the ones we’ve settled for in the last half-century.”

Publishers Weekly

A readable, provocative treatise that ‘gets outside the box’ in ahuge way. Timely and inspiring.”

—Kirkus Reviews

For those of us who have a hunger to know what the next great idea will be, this highly readable book captures and challenges the imagination.”

—Sarah D. Scalet, OnEarth

With this book, McDonough and Braungart open our eyes to the way to genuine sustainability by the study of nature and mimicking her ways. This is a groundbreaking book that should be the Bible for the Second Industrial Revolution.”

—Dr. David Suzuki, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia


Cradle to Cradle has been translated into 13 languages thus far. Ordering information for 11 of those languages is below; we’ll post information on the Latvian and Portuguese editions soon.

English Version The English edition (ISBN 0-86547-587-3) 
entitled “Cradle to Cradle, Remaking the Way We Make Things”ORDER NOW »
German Edition The German edition (ISBN 3-442-76183-2)
entitled “Einfach intelligent produzieren”ORDER NOW »
Dutch Edition The Dutch edition (ISBN 978 90 5594 577 1)
entitled “Cradle to Cradle: Afval = Voedsel”ORDER NOW »
French Edition The French Edition (ISBN 978-286227-672-4)
entitled “Cradle to Cradle – Créer et recycler à l’infini”ORDER NOW »
Danish Edition The Danish edition (ISBN 978-87-17-04063-2)
entitled “Cradle to Cradle. Rigdom og vækst uden affald – en banebrydende vision for det 21. århundrede”ORDER NOW »
Hebrew Edition The Hebrew edition (DanaCode 462-423 )
entitled “מעריסה לעריסה”ORDER NOW »
Chinese Edition The Chinese edition (ISBN 978-986-6807-17-6)
for Taiwan entitled “從搖籃到搖籃 – 綠色經濟的設計提案” OUT OF PRINT
Spanish Edition The Spanish edition (ISBN 84-481-4295-0)
entitled “Rediseñando la Forma en que hacemos las cosas: Cradle to Cradle (De la cuna a la cuna)”ORDER NOW »
Italian Edition The Italian edition (ISBN 88-87417-72-5)
entitled “Dalla culla alla culla: Come conciliare tutela dell’ambiente, equità sociale e sviluppo”ORDER NOW »
Hungarian Edition The Hungarian edition (ISBN 978-963-9686-30-4)
entitled “Bölcsotol Bölcsoig”ORDER NOW »
UK Edition The UK edition (ISBN 978-0-224-08786-5)
with a new introduction, entitiled “Cradle to Cradle: Remarking the way we make things”ORDER NOW »


The book was published in 2002, before MBDC did assessment and certification, so the polymer has not been assessed in that comprehensive way. Melcher Media is the best source for information. They arranged the publication of the book in the polymer material (in China). We are also aware that a company called Reproduct / C2C Holdings has something similar.